History of the Domaine du Mas d’en Llinas

Mas d’en Llinas has a fascinating history going back centuries and much of this was written
about in Maison et Jardin magazine published in May 2023 which we have relayed here.
We are working on writing about a fuller history, so watch this space !

Journey to the sumptuous Domain du Mas d’en Llinas, a unique place located in one of the most
beautiful villages in France, available to rent. 
To describe the Domaine du Mas d’en Llinas, we must first go back in time. In the 1970s, Daniel
Pujols, an international antique dealer who had close and privileged ties with the Shah of Iran, bought
this former Catalan bergerie (farm building). He then embarked on the construction of the Mas (ex

Mas d'en Pujols), financed by his companion, the Marquis de Langle and descendant of Marie-
Antoinette. Mr. Pujols drew the plans himself and had all the wrought ironwork for the house
manufactured in Italy. The marble, of many different colours, comes from the region and from all over
the world
In this place, they organised sumptuous parties where all the artistic and political jet-set, the gay
community or even the big executives and personalities of the time rub shoulders. In 1992, for an
unpaid debt of VAT, the Mas was seized by the tax authorities, for a pittance. Sold by auction, Mr.
Pujols then locked himself in the Mas, preventing the lucky buyer from taking possession of it. It was in
1993 that the GIGN dislodged the antique dealer, who had holed himself up for six months in the
Domaine's water tanks... Despite the many potential buyers, the Mas was abandoned for several
years. In 1999, the politico-judicial case of Mas d'en Llinas made the headlines throughout the media.
It involves in particular the Keeper of the Seals and the Prefect of the time, indicted for influence
peddling and taking of illegal interests.
And it was five years ago that Saskia and Dan, along with Malcolm (Saskia's brother) and his partner
Murielle, fell in love with the place. They chose to restore it to its former glory and undertake major
renovations. Saskia, designer and Dan, builder, had only one wish: to perpetuate its heritage.